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Who can become a clinical investigator?

Clinical Investigator Program ,

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Kriger Research Center Inc. is an organization with broad expertise in the planning, execution and interpretation of research projects. As our clients know, KRC Inc. serves as a partner in clinical research with extensive experience in different phases of clinical trials. KRC Inc. provides focused, comprehensive planning, which leads to a successful trial. Beyond the trial, we remain involved and committed to a development process that is custom-designed to our clients' needs. We are committed to investing in ongoing training for our employees to ensure they are kept on the leading edge of new technologies. These training initiatives include interactions with academia, attendance at scientific conferences and meetings, training courses from experts in various fields, etc.
We have good working relationships with some clinical research recruiters, CRO-s and pharmaceutical companies that recognize us as a reputable institution. Some of them are posting their openings for clinical research positions on our site . Our Diplomas state that the student has passed a program on ICH GCP which is a standard requirement in this industry.
So, who can become a clinical investigator?First of all, clinical investigator must be a physician with a license for medical practice in the country where he or she wishes to act as a clinical investigator. One of the reasons that most people become physicians is that they love to learn. Probably one of the most exciting times in the life of a physician is during medical school when he or she is continually gaining new knowledge and being exposed to new technology. But even in medical school, when you devote 100% of your time to learning, it is impossible to keep up with the remarkable expansion in medical science. However, since few of us have the luxury of remaining a student our entire career, most of us become increasingly obsolete from the very day we leave our training programs. If you want to remain close to medical science and to the development of new drugs and devices that correspond to the way you practice, then clinical research may be both emotionally and intellectually satisfying. At times, you can have the exciting experience of being involved in truly innovative products that are breakthroughs in treating specific diseases. When this happens, you feel that you have contributed to medicine and to the general welfare in a way that is difficult to replicate. . By participating in a trial you will learn basic pathology and pharmacology as you explore the mechanism of action of that specific drug. Also, you will come into contact with experts in the field who will instruct you in their methodology in treatment, and you will probably utilize, as part of the study, the most modern and specific method of measurement to assess both efficacy and toxicity. All these things are applicable and will improve your current techniques in treating your other, non-study patients.Another benefit to becoming involved in clinical research is becoming an author of the trial report. Frequently, investigators who have successfully enrolled a large number of qualified patients are asked to help write the trial results in a scholarly medical journal. This, of course, leads to many speaking opportunities, some of which are a natural result of the publication and others of which are because of promotion by the pharmaceutical company. Public speaking, by the way, can also result in some healthy stipends and a nice supplement to your income in and of itself. However, the chief joy comes from the fact that your colleagues perceive you to have some specific expertise. It is very gratifying to be able to introduce something in the way of new information to your comrades-in-arms.Your accreditation board may accept publishing in journals and attending start-up or post-trial meetings as continuing medical education credits. The same is true of those lectures you deliver.

We would like to highlight the benefits of your enrolment in this training program:

1. You get an acces to our sample SOP-s that you can use for your clinical site. You also get the essential knowledge of everything you need in order to act as a Clinical Research Investigator. You have complete coverage of all materials needed, interactive practical questions. Upon completion of this program you will pass on-line final exams and receive by mail Diploma stating your new qualifications .
2. You receive very special designed Diploma stating as program objective "IGH GCP Guidelines for Clinical Research Investigators ". This is essential in order to get a grant for clinical research project as clinical research investigator.
3. You get perpetual support of our research centre staff when you mention our institution in your resume as a place where your potential grantors could obtain references. Almost always, prospective grantors would make a call to collect references in a personal phone conversation.
4. You get active help in your resume editing. Remember, your resume is the first step to get a grant. Now you would include in your resume, your knowledge of ICH GCP Guidelines.
5. You will get a return on your symbolic investment in your education and training at KRC at least 40 times more than you have paid and this in very first year of your work as Clinical Research Investigator.
6. You can apply for a tuition subsidy for this course that could cover over 50 % of your tuition fee.
7. Of course, our research center would prefer to select clinical research investigators that we have trained as investigators for our research projects and / or refer them to our partners in the industry.

Please direct all your questions to or call us at (866) 757-9791 (USA and Canada) or + 1(416) 630-0038 (Internationally)

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